Give Em Time To Think…a blues poem.

Blues Poem
Katherine Parker

Give em time to think…

Give ‘em time to think
Beneath the alcohol laden bottle.

Give ‘em time to think
Beneath the whiskey oh, so grey.

Findin’ time for sadness
is what has drawn ‘em here.

Losin’ all good lovin’
Has taken ‘em down the drain.

He used to see sweet flowers,
And smell Magnolia’s from
the Sip’s sweet air,

But now all this lively slumbrin’
Has made the alcohols’ stench familiar.

Give ‘em time to think,
for poverty’s all e’ knows;

Just aimlessly wonderin’ the streets
among ‘es homeless fellows;

Sores on his feet-
No bath for weeks,
Stinkin up the city square.
Newspaper blankets,
Cold benches,
and rocks fer a bed;
Sick, coughin’ up blood;
He’s got the blues-
Doesn’t care.

Cause es’ been given time to think.

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Fun Health and Fitness Survey

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The 21st Century Decline #42 By: MICHÆL T. COE


The 21st Century Decline #42 By: MICHÆL T. COE

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Disappointment; A Poem

Can I tell you the last time
Whence I felt the sun?
Can I tell you the last time
that love was undone?
I can dream it, taste it,
smell it in the air;
I can reach out for it’s warmth,
but only the cold, it doth come, it come’s out of nowhere.
This cold, it whispers to the fibers of my skin.
It begs me to breathe deep;
It begs to come in.
This crisp, chilling air speaks-
Sends shivers down my spine
Causing loss of memory;
Sending sheer chills in the night.
Whence was the last time I felt the warmth of the sun?
It seems I had once tasted it
Before this love was undone.
Now it seems the friged cold,
It is all that I know.
The disappointment of summer’s gone.
Now all I have is wet, nasty, murky, cold snow.

May I pout for a moment?
May I sulk for a while?
May I soak myself in pity?
May I frown, not smile?
May I get lost in this moment,
This moment of sadness and woe?
Why did it take so long to get here?
How can I let this go?

I feel so low…

So, I think, and think, and think, and think…
Another gust of wind, it just swept me away.
It took these painful thoughts,
It took them to another place;
A place of wistful thinking,
Maybe hope, maybe sun.
Maybe there is refuge
Beyond the light of love undone.
I think, and think, and think…
Take you with me on this journey, I will.
Not knowing when and where
The storms will rage,
Or whence they will remain still.
But life is a dance,
You must learn to move.
You cannot be silent
When the melody is the tune-
The tune that is directing
the rhythm of the drum,
Where the sun shines beyond the cold;
Healing warmth from the sun.

It get’s like this, you know?
Love loss, grievances bare;
Sometimes can feel this chilling, cold air.
Life throws these winter storms,
and we’re left to mourn
the loss of summer,
Nay, the loss of warmth.
We’re tossed to,
we’re tossed fro.
We are often left with only disappointing cold.
Finding the light in all that we see
Can be as distant as a glorious dream.
Never feel lost-alone,
For in these disappointments
You will grow.

Can I tell you the last time
Whence I felt the sun?
Yes, it was the last when love undone,

Published: 11-19-14
Katherine Parker

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The Consequences Of Ignoring God: God’s Way, Your Way, And Your Crushed Spirit

God Running

depression Christian

Guilt, Fear, And A Crushed Spirit

Continuing our series on suffering, today we’ll look at how ignoring God can crush your spirit.

Proverbs 28:1 says,

The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, But the righteous are bold as a lion.

Why is that do you think? Why do the wicked flee when no one is pursuing?

The proverb is a reference to Leviticus chapter 26 where the Lord tells the Israelites what will happen when (when, not if) they don’t obey His commandments. He says: “…I will also bring weakness into their hearts in the lands of their enemies. And the sound of a driven leaf will chase them, and even when no one is pursuing they will flee as though from the sword, and they will fall. They will therefore stumble over each other as if running from the sword, although no one is pursuing…” (Leviticus 26:36-37)


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My Date with God…

Life has, as of recent been throwing many curveballs my way. As a full-time student and mother of two, I have not had much time of reflection. The case most days is that I feel more like pulling out my hair instead of the ever-popular brushing. I think, if I wait long enough it will just fall out on it’s own, which will alleviate both scenarios at once. Ha! I wonder if I would look like Sigourney Weaver… hmm…
She was actually pretty as a bald woman. 😀

Life does often throw us curve balls. Many of these curve balls come flying at us faster than we would have ever imagined. It is in these times of loss, lonely, stress, or even extreme joy that we can find ourselves once again through reflection. Tonight was such a night. It happened like this:

In a conversation with a gentleman I had just met, he shared small tidbits about his life.It was mainly small talk. These little tidbits were of children and parenting; the typical stuff. Though brief in words, it was these words that sparked my thoughts into being. I told him that I am a mother of two and that single parenting is not a job that anyone should ever sign up for. In all reality I cannot, after four years, find the logic in such a choice. Still, I love my children with all of my heart. I also told this gentleman that I do what I do, not for honor, but out of the love that is birthed from me to my children. His response was simply that love, yes love, is why we do what we do for them. And as strange as this interaction was, I believe that God allows us to be in certain situations to possibly help others along.

Below is the rest of my reply to Mr. Gentleman:
“Yes, love is the reason why we hug, why we discipline, why we strive so hard to do what we do. My children are both my joy, and my grief. They are my hug in times of need, my test when I get too haughty, and my reward when I have learned the lesson I am being taught. In all things, they are a parents delight and strength. The children are to be the glue that holds two people together. Often times, this is opposite. Sadly so, we have families falling apart. I think at some point in my career I may begin a family rebuilding center. It is a thought.”

My date with God:
In need of rest and a break from all things, “I take small breaks on Friday mornings for coffee and a brisk walk down a very nice trail in the city. It is wooded in some parts with paved roads, periodic rest stops, and nice little streams that flow under the occasional bridge. The trail is quite long so I only go about four miles before turning around. While enjoying my time alone I pass mothers pushing strollers, and the “fit” guys who appear to have been running their entire lives. In the meantime, I take the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds around me. It is a time where the rest of the world melts away. Only God and I remain. The walk is rejuvenating and one that I look forward to every week. I suppose it is my ‘date with God.'”

I know that may sound absurd to some… “a date with God.” But I think if we as a society take the time to reflect on the things that we were created to think on, many of us would be much happier people. (This is solely my opinion.)
🙂 In life we will meet people who will encourage us, test us, and bring us down. We, both as professionals and individuals, must do our part to help them rise from the ashes. We have to help them climb higher instead of allowing the adverse to take place. If we, as God’s children will reach out our hands to others, we will (one by one,) change the world.

But it has to start somewhere…maybe with a brief reflection of the things that brought us joy when we were younger. Maybe it was that first kiss from the one we love, or the first steps of our children.
Maybe it was the first time you looked out your office window wondering if there really was something larger than what we visually see; something that created this whole world but we have yet to explain or understand what that something was. Whatever it was, we once did not allow life to drag us away from the things most important.

No matter, life is short and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Love the one’s you have in your life. Forgive them when they are wrong. Pray for them through their struggles, knowing that the things you all go through are but for a season. This too shall pass as you rest in the arms of your Creator as you have your date with God.

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You don’t need a man, you need a map.


One night last week while my ten year old daughter and I were eating supper, she told me that she wants twins when she grows up. Well, like many ten year old girls, she is quite possibly day dreaming of the all~American life. You know, the one that dreams of the perfect husband and kids, followed by the perfect house and car, the Donna Reed kind of life.

Growing up in a small Southern town, we were all classically conditioned to think this way. I cannot think of many of my high school classmates that didn’t get married young while striving for the “dream.”  Many of the females from this same generation (unbeknownst to thier spouces,) regretted getting married so young. They regretted not searching for themselves before settling down. 20 years later they are mostly happy, thankfully. Many with kids, some still searching for what the others have found, but most still have that longing in thier eyes, the one that says to them, “there has gotta be more.”

As for me, my favorite movie comes into play…right about now in this post. The name of that movie is “Eat, Pray, and Love,” with Julia Roberts. In this movie she has a box under her bed stuffed with travel guides and maps of places she wants to travel. That was me ten years ago. I had a plan, a traveling plan. But like my friends I too settled down searching for my traveling inside marriage and kids. Ten years later (and single might I add) I find I am still searching for God, and the wonderful things I missed.

Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with being married and or having kids. I love my kids dearly, but I was so young. I thought I knew what I was doing.  I am not so sure now that I did.

      So, with fresh ideas and lessons learned I told my darling daughter these inspiring words, “Sweetheart, you don’t need a man, you need a map. I want you to find yourself for yourself before trying to find your identity inside of someone else.”

  Were on a hunt, but its for destinations. 🙂 I wonder where she can travel first?

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#MCJ203 Katherines’ Weekly Buzz Blog

This is the last blog for assignment. I really have enjoyed the summer semester. We were told, “it is not for the faint at heart.” She was NOT kidding either! I am STILL writing. (I suppose I should not state the obvious, oh well. ) 😀 

  I will leave you with one last entertainment buzz because I found some events in Hattiesburg this week that you many not want to miss:

This next link provides information about sporting events, concerts, movies, clubs.. it seems to have a touch of everything, so go enjoy yourself this weekend. Just don’t do anything illegal. 

God Bless! 😀

If you scroll down you will see a link to events at USM.  


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#MCJ203 Katherines’ Weekly Buzz Blog

Did you know…….?

  Did you know that we are already facing shorter days in the summer? Yep! This is how I found out: Rick and Bubba on KZ94. Ok, so its a bit funny, but yes, thats where I heard it. 

   June 21, 2014 marked the summer solstice, and according to RnB, the solstice is the longest day of the year, and the hottest! After the sun sets on that day, the days then begin to get shorter. Talk about irony! 

  Here are a few links, (no, not Rick and Bubba, Ha!)

Ok, so this next link was just entertaining. If you are a sun worshiper you will enjoy this too! Jut don’t knock over those rocks!

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#MCJ203 Katherines’ Weekly Buzz Blog

Hattiesburg has really been cooking up some eventful things this summer. They have had everything form downtown concerts at the Seanger to kids camps at USM. I did not know this but a few weeks back, I discovered that USM has a kids Science Museum. It is really cool!!! It has everything you’d expect a kids museum to have. Here, check it out: This link tells about past events but you can find current happenings by visiting the same link because it gives information about the Biological Sciences Department at USM.

Just in case…..

  The Biology Dept. at USM is REALLY neat. I hope to engage my children in the things they have to offer. 

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