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Hello all!!

Well, this semester my blog posts should prove to be very “entertaining” at the least. 🙂 My assignment this semester is to write about local entertainment in Hattiesburg, MS. This should be fun!

Hattiesburg Opera Light House, otherwise known as HCLO, or Seanger Theatre regularly hosts concerts, plays, operas, shows, and the like. Originally opening in 1976, the opera house has delighted all ages.

    Last night the Seanger Theatre in Downtown Hattiesburg hosted “The two sexiext fat men alive,” Rick and Bubba. Both men, Alabama born, started a syndicated radio show over 20 years ago Called “Rick and Bubba in the Mornings” on KZ94.3 in which they talk about a mixture of topics. These topics span from politics to what they had for supper the night before. On any typical morning, you can turn the radio dial to KZ94.3 and hear rolls of laughter coming from the other end of the radio. They quickly perk up your mood with their goofy antics. They also have a time that they do phone trolling. This is the segment where people call in and give about 30 seconds worth of commentary and await then feedback.

Hattiesburg welcomed these two self proclaimed sexy fat men to the local arena who came to dazzle the crowd with their humor and real life lessons as well as share the gospel of Jesus Christ. They stand unashamedly for their faith in Christ and do not back down in the face of opposition.  I did not get to attend the show unfortunately, but I am sure it was a success.

HCLO has something to offer the entire family. I encourage you to check it out and while you are there, grab a frappuccino from the Jitter’s Mobile Cafe and Baristas. After all, theres nothing like a good cup of coffee and show to set the tone for your night.




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