Disappointment; A Poem

Can I tell you the last time
Whence I felt the sun?
Can I tell you the last time
that love was undone?
I can dream it, taste it,
smell it in the air;
I can reach out for it’s warmth,
but only the cold, it doth come, it come’s out of nowhere.
This cold, it whispers to the fibers of my skin.
It begs me to breathe deep;
It begs to come in.
This crisp, chilling air speaks-
Sends shivers down my spine
Causing loss of memory;
Sending sheer chills in the night.
Whence was the last time I felt the warmth of the sun?
It seems I had once tasted it
Before this love was undone.
Now it seems the friged cold,
It is all that I know.
The disappointment of summer’s gone.
Now all I have is wet, nasty, murky, cold snow.

May I pout for a moment?
May I sulk for a while?
May I soak myself in pity?
May I frown, not smile?
May I get lost in this moment,
This moment of sadness and woe?
Why did it take so long to get here?
How can I let this go?

I feel so low…

So, I think, and think, and think, and think…
Another gust of wind, it just swept me away.
It took these painful thoughts,
It took them to another place;
A place of wistful thinking,
Maybe hope, maybe sun.
Maybe there is refuge
Beyond the light of love undone.
I think, and think, and think…
Take you with me on this journey, I will.
Not knowing when and where
The storms will rage,
Or whence they will remain still.
But life is a dance,
You must learn to move.
You cannot be silent
When the melody is the tune-
The tune that is directing
the rhythm of the drum,
Where the sun shines beyond the cold;
Healing warmth from the sun.

It get’s like this, you know?
Love loss, grievances bare;
Sometimes can feel this chilling, cold air.
Life throws these winter storms,
and we’re left to mourn
the loss of summer,
Nay, the loss of warmth.
We’re tossed to,
we’re tossed fro.
We are often left with only disappointing cold.
Finding the light in all that we see
Can be as distant as a glorious dream.
Never feel lost-alone,
For in these disappointments
You will grow.

Can I tell you the last time
Whence I felt the sun?
Yes, it was the last when love undone,

Published: 11-19-14
Katherine Parker

About fierygardenofgod

I am a mother of two beautiful children, a full time Public Relations Specialist, a musician, a writer, a poet, a lyricist, a blogger, and a lover of all things words. As a freelance writer, I have opened avenues to writing in many styles. Yes, I love words. More than that, I love the substance behind them. This substance is as sweet as chocolate, and as soothing as warm soup on a cold day. "Find that place that makes you happy; your place of serenity, and live there everyday, even if only in your mind." K.D. Quotes and Poems @Writer4Life 09-02-2016
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