Give Em Time To Think…a blues poem.

Blues Poem
Katherine Parker

Give em time to think…

Give ‘em time to think
Beneath the alcohol laden bottle.

Give ‘em time to think
Beneath the whiskey oh, so grey.

Findin’ time for sadness
is what has drawn ‘em here.

Losin’ all good lovin’
Has taken ‘em down the drain.

He used to see sweet flowers,
And smell Magnolia’s from
the Sip’s sweet air,

But now all this lively slumbrin’
Has made the alcohols’ stench familiar.

Give ‘em time to think,
for poverty’s all e’ knows;

Just aimlessly wonderin’ the streets
among ‘es homeless fellows;

Sores on his feet-
No bath for weeks,
Stinkin up the city square.
Newspaper blankets,
Cold benches,
and rocks fer a bed;
Sick, coughin’ up blood;
He’s got the blues-
Doesn’t care.

Cause es’ been given time to think.

About fierygardenofgod

I am a mother of two beautiful children, a full time Public Relations Specialist, a musician, a writer, a poet, a lyricist, a blogger, and a lover of all things words. As a freelance writer, I have opened avenues to writing in many styles. Yes, I love words. More than that, I love the substance behind them. This substance is as sweet as chocolate, and as soothing as warm soup on a cold day. "Find that place that makes you happy; your place of serenity, and live there everyday, even if only in your mind." K.D. Quotes and Poems @Writer4Life 09-02-2016
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